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ESC & FC :

ESC ( Means Electric Speed Control ) This Electronic piece Used To Control On Your FPV Motor And The ESC Takes The Command From Your FC | FC Means ( Flight Control ) This Is A piece Connected With Your Receiver And Other Electronic Parts FC How It’s Works :

Flight Control Like The Harts Of Your Body , If It’s Stop You Can’t Do Anything Or Control On Your Drone , So You Have To Be Very Careful When You Assemble This Parts From Your Drone , FC Like A Brain Of Human, Takes The Results From All Parts On Your Drone And Send To The Right Place , For Example When You Make Throttle Up , From Your Fingers To Your Remote Stick This IS Command From You Personally, Then Your Remote Control Will Send Messages To Your Receiver On The Drone With The Command, Then Your Receiver Will Send The Command To The Brain ( FC ) Then From The Brain Of Your Drone , From Here Will Start The Physical Process , FC Will Send Command To ESC Electric Speed Control To Push The AMP To Motor Then The Motor Will Start Rotors Faster To Push The Drone Up Us You Command .

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