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FPV goggles store plays an integral part in your FPV drone setup. FPV goggles allow you to view the live image when your drone is flying miles away. You feel like you are not flying a remote-controlled drone. Instead, you are sitting in the cockpit of a mini-plane and having a direct view of the area.

With technological advancements, FPV goggles are constantly upgraded. Now, you have tons of options. You can buy a basic model or pro goggles for a more refined experience.

However, before buying FPV goggles, you mustn’t overlook a few considerations:

Image quality: High image quality provides sharp details and vivid colors. If the image quality is low, you will feel like you are watching a movie in 240p resolution.

Field of view: FPV goggles with a broader field of view capture more area and provide more situational awareness during the flight.

Compatibility: The FPV goggles must be compatible with the drone’s camera and transmitter. Otherwise, you may have issues in receiving footage.

Whether you love drone racing or want to explore impassable terrain, you should try FPV goggles for an immersive experience.

You can check the latest arrivals on our FPV goggles store .

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