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An FPV motor store is indispensable for optimizing the performance and speed of your FPV drone. Depending on your budget, you have a range of options. You can choose a budget-friendly FPV motor with limited features or a super fancy one with excellent features.

Now, there are some core considerations that you should not overlook when buying an FPV motor :

Size: Make sure its size is a perfect fit for your drone.

KV rating: The KV rating determines the motor speed.

Compatibility: The FPV motor should be compatible with the drone frame and propellers.

Also, you must carefully observe the quality of the FPV motor. An FPV motor made of poor material is likely to overheat, which can reduce the flight time.

A suitable FPV motor can optimize your drone’s performance. The latest editions are available at our FPV motors store in UAE.

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