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iFlight ExpressLRS ELRS Receiver 868/915 + Antenna

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iFlight ExpressLRS ELRS Receiver


It’s finally here, the iFlight ELRS System! Extreme range and markets highest packet rate for lowest delay. Failsafes are a thing of the past.

ExpressLRS RX modules developed in close cooperation with the ExpressLRS Team with firmware targets already released.

Checkout the official ExpressLRS website: https://www.expresslrs.org

Official ExpressLRS Quick Start: https://www.expresslrs.org/2.0/quick-start/getting-started/

Remember this is an Open Source Project and therefore free to use for everyone. If you want to support the Developers, please consider donating: https://opencollective.com/expresslrs

iFlight ExpressLRS ELRS Receiver Features

Improved circuit design

Market’s lowest crystal frequency deviation (low packet loss, high frequency stability)

High-performance at 2400MHz or 900MHz (915 / 868 bands available)

Frequency tuned T-style dipole and SMD antenna options

Pre-soldered SH1.25 connector with 30mm wire length (Plug&Play for easy installation with iFlight FCs)

Performance and Compability

Make sure to install the antenna away from conductive or magnetic components (carbon, metal, motors).

Flash the latest firmware and follow the ELRS Community for updates, tutorials or contributions.

Use iFlight ELRS receivers coupled with our transmitter for maximum performance! We’ve probably achieved market’s best crystal frequency stability at a very low frequency deviation (only 11KHz in total at 51.99976MHz on the crystal). Please checkout this article for further information https://github.com/ExpressLRS/ExpressLRS/wiki/Crystal-Oscillator-(XO)-Frequency-Error

Band Option

The 900MHz as well as 2400MHz band have outstanding performance and long range capabilities. If you’re not sure what to get, please checkout the official ELRS Long Range Competition to see what has been achieved. https://www.expresslrs.org/2.0/info/long-range/

What can you expect? Due to local regulations, the 915MHz FCC region seems to have a better performance than the 868MHz EU region. The 2400MHz band works great in any region, has a higher packet rate up to 500hz. This is not a common 2400MHz protocol and cannot be compared to anything prior on the market.


Antenna connector: IPEX(868MHz/915MHz/2.4G) / Molex 479480001 SMD antenna(2.4G w/SMD antenna)

Firmware: ExpressLRS  iFlight 900RX(868MHz/918MHz) / ExpressLRS iFlight 2400RX(2.4G)

Frequency bands: 868MHz EU/915MHz FCC and 2.4GHz ISM

Telemetry Power: 17dbm (868/915MHz)  / 20dbm(2.4G)

Dimension: 12*19.5mm

Connector: SH1.25 including 30mm wire (pre-soldered)

Interface: 5V GND RX TX

Input voltage: 5V

Protocol: CRSF

Weight: 1.2g

Packing List

1 x ExpressLRS Receiver

1 x Antenna

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Weight 0.030 kg
Band Option

ELRS 868/915 RX+70mm Antenna, ELRS 868/915 RX+220mm Antenna, ELRS 2.4 RX + 70mm Antenna



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