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Betafpv Pavo Pico Brushless Whoop Quadcopter-PNP (For DJI O3) Crossfire Includ


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Betafpv Sub100g Whoop Drone DJI O3

We are exploring the potential of using Digital VTX in small and lightweightwhoops, especially taking off weight under 100g when with DJI O3 VTX. Now introducing this project for your beta

We’re releasing an initial batch of 50 frames as part of the Beta Test program. Pilots can buy the beta test version frame at a reduced price and provide valuable feedback to help us improve this whoop. We invite all critical suggestions and collaboration to make this flying experience exceptional

Sub100g Whoop Drone with DJI O3
Sub100g Whoop Drone with DJI O3

Something You May Care

Betafpv Sub100g Whoop Drone DJI O3

Q: Which VTX can this drone carry?

A: We design this drone to carry DJI O3 Air Unit at first. Besides, the mounting part for Avatar HD Pro is also available now.

Q: What parts do we need to assemble this drone?

Pilots could use their own FCs and motors to assemble based on this frame. Below is the recommended part:

  • Motors: Any micro motors for 2S power and  3-M1.4-φ6.6mm mounting pattern would be okay. Recommend 1102 | 14000kv brushless motor.
  • Propellers: GF 45mm 3-blade propeller, GF 45mm 2-blade propeller
  • Battery: The size of the battery slot is about 16.1*12.7mm. So make sure that your battery would fit this slot. Recommend 2s 450mAh 45C.

    Q: How about the vibration issue when with DJI O3 VTX?

    A: We know that the vibration issue is horrible on many whoop drones and tuning is difficult. The O3 unit is mounted on the carbon fiber plate with rubbers dumper and we get a perfect result.

  • Sub100g Whoop Drone with DJI O3
    Sub100g Whoop Drone with DJI O3

Q: What is the difference compared with the final release version?

A: For the beta test version, the whoop duct is mold injection and the VTX mounting is 3D printed. We will release the final version with all parts mold injection according to your feedback and advice. So there would be some modifications and improvements on the final version. It takes about at least one month.


  • Item: Brushless frame for 2S battery and 45mm propellers.
  • Material: PA12
  • Color: Black
  • Wheelbase: 80.8mm
  • FC mounting hole: 26×26mm, suitable for conventional whoop-type flight control
  • Motor mounting hole: 3-M1.4-φ6.6mm
  • Compatible battery: 2S 450mAh 45C


Below is the diagram of the frame’s dimensions and assembly guidance.

Sub100g Whoop Drone with DJI O3
Sub100g Whoop Drone with DJI O3
Sub100g Whoop Drone with DJI O3
Sub100g Whoop Drone with DJI O3


  • 1 * Whoop duct for 45mm propellers
  • 1 * Cabon fiber plate
  • 2 * 3D printed VTX mounting part
  • Some screws and rubber dumpers
  • TBS CrossFire

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